About Urban Research and Planning at URaP International

URaP International is about people committed to better and more sustainable society. We always aim for creative and smart solutions. We always put people and the future first. We endeavour to satisfy client's needs on the basis of trust, integrity and quality of works.

URaP International is supported by experienced experts who are committed to provide specialist, independent advice as specifically required by our clients.

URaP International is a subsidiary company of Urban Research and Planning Pty Ltd that was established in 1997. It is an Australian owned company with offices in Sydney and representation in several Asian countries, including Japan and Indonesia.

URaP International is committed to 3 key principles:

  • Ethics: maintain best relationship with clients to ensure the delivery of projects with highest level of integrity and code of conduct.
  • Knowledge transfer: endeavour to exchange and convey information and skills with clients at a maximum level.
  • Value for money: providing high quality of works supported with highly experienced experts with appropriate budget to satisfy the clients' needs.

Our works are supported by the following main elements:

  • Research: committed to have a clear understating of issues and possible solutions. Fact finding always takes a priority.
  • Innovation: always keen to create and plan, answers and solutions through new and state of the art methods and procedures.
  • Practicality: devise responses that are feasible, reflect the local context and realistic to achieve.