Dr Kam Tara

BS (Civil Eng), University of Kentucky USA

MEng. (Honours), University of Wollongong, Australia

PhD, School of Economic and Financial Studies, Macquarie University, Australia

Corporate Member of Planning Institute of Australia, (Urban Design and Transport Chapters)

Kam Tara is an economist, a transportation specialist and an urbanist with over 20 years of experience in project management and facilitation. He has been responsible for the preparation of guidelines, strategies and policy analysis in regional urban planning, transport planning and urban design. He has developed special competence in optimisation of multi-modal transportation facility operations and in the development of major business case studies for urban infrastructure management. Kam has worked and coordinated major projects in Australia and internationally including China, Indonesia and the USA.

p: +61 2 9439 7288


Dr Masiaki Arioka

PhD Kyoto University

Dr Arioka is Chair Professor for the Postgraduate Course of International Construction Management of Kochi University of Technology in Japan. He is also the executive director of NPO "Society of Life-cycle Infrastructure Management".

He was an advisor to KUMAGAIGUMI Co. Ltd. until March 2009 and a Project Director for the Sydney Harbor Tunnel in Australia.

He has been contributing a paradigm shift of construction markets through the Government Committees and other societies for Private Finance Initiative in Japan. Dr Arioka has also been responsible for numerous feasibility and PPP projects such as Very Fast Train and Railway projects in Australia and Japan.

p: +81 90 3401 6767


Professor John Black
Independent Adviser: Capacity Building; Quality Control

Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Victoria University of Manchester

Masters of Town and Country Planning, The University of Sydney

Doctor of Philosophy, Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Bradford

Professor Black is an experienced independent reviewer of numerous government and academic projects and his role on this project will be to chair the project reference committee and to ensure quality control in the design and implementation of the project.

He has extensive research and high level consulting experience, especially in East and South East Asia. In 2012-13, he conducted an institution and policy analysis of PPP and infrastructure in Myanmar that included special economic zones. He was the transport specialist to the Australian National Capital Planning Authority in formulating guidelines for urban development of the Japanese proposal MFP (multi-function polis) and later sat on the Commonwealth of Australia site selection committee to determine the location in Australia of the MFP (one version of a SEZ).

Currently, Professor Black is a member of the Board of Researchers at the Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia and has been working with Indonesian colleagues on the policy reform of the economic infrastructure of Indonesia, the role of public sector-private sector partnerships (PPP), and has recently completed contracts for capacity building and procurement advice to agencies of the Ministry of Finance.