URaP International's core areas of expertise include:

Policy and Research – development, preparation and review of policies, guidelines and strategies for infrastructure, transportation, urban planning and development projects.

Project Facilitation – provision of specialised expertise and input to support clients in the development of new projects as well as review, assessment and management of infrastructure and development projects.

Feasibility Studies – preparation of studies by experienced, senior level industry practitioners to assess project viability and value.

Transportation Studies: provide a full range of transport planning and traffic engineering services for small, medium and major ground transport projects including soft traffic and road safety.

Urban Development: site analysis, project development and master planning for a wide range of land uses, including town centres, universities, hospitals, industrial and residential sites.

Business Case Assessments: expert advice on funding mechanisms and sources for a broad range of transport and infrastructure projects including preparation of benefit-cost and economic analysis.

Public Private Partnership: development of procedures, guidelines and expert advice for PPP projects.

Special Economic Zones: research, evaluation, project development and guidelines for existing and new special economic zones to ensure productivity with an emphasis on job creation, poverty alleviation and better quality of life as applicable.

Capacity Building: conduct short courses (in conjunction with educational providers), training sessions and one to one knowledge transfer in the areas of expertise.